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Is your web site connecting with existing and prospective customers, or is it helplessly isolated in cyberspace far removed from popular search engines and directories? Creating a web site is the first step, driving visitors to your creation is the next step.

Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) & Registration
With our search engine optimization & registration service we'll help you get the word out about your web site. There are a myriad of proven ways to drive traffic to your web site at little or no cost. Sometimes all a web site needs is a minor tweak to gain the favor of a popular search engine.

Search engines are fickle entities and each have their own individual idiosyncrasies. Not all engines are built from the same mold. Fortunately, we've been optimizing web sites for search engines for years and we can help increase your web site's visibility.

Banner Ads
Allow us to create a banner ad for your business and manage its display with either local or global distribution.

Pay-per-Click Listings on Google & Yahoo
"Pay-per-performance" or "Pay-per-click" advertising is exploding. You pay only when a visitor is sent to your web site as opposed to buying impressions with banner ads.

Your web site placement is determined by how much money you are willing to "bid" for each visitor. This is a great way to guarantee top listings on the popular search engines. You can pay as little as $.10 for a visitor!

Whether you desire simple search engine listings, pay-per-click links, or a banner ad campaign, we will put together a program to suit your needs.

Email Marketing
Forget postcards and other costly print mailings. Target thousands of potential clients and stay in touch with your existing base with ease through email newsletters.

Email newsletters can be sent out whenever you wish: At random or on a continual weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Keep your existing base in the loop as to what's new
  • Prospect for new business
  • Send details about specific sales and even attach money-saving coupons
  • Conduct promotional contents/give-aways

More importantly, gauge your Return on Investment with detailed statistics & reporting:

  • Track the number of emails sent
  • Pin-point the exact number of users who click on specific links contained within the email.


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